Beer Sales Participation

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The fund raising work will consist of manning the food and beverage jobs in existing Lambeau Field food service “Concept Locations”. There are volunteer opportunities with Levy Restaurants available on each day of the event – Friday May 21, Saturday May 22, and Sunday May 23. However, the most significant need for volunteers will be on Saturday, May 22 when the main event takes place in the Lambeau Stadium Bowl.

The Chapter has submitted a participation request to Levy Restaurants  A copy of the actual response is in the attachments section below along with a copy of the Vet - Levy document that describes this operation.  Under separate cover Romlein asked for a "heavy traffic" beer service Concept Location that will run all three days.  

To meet the Levy requirement of " One Location to One Vet Organization) Old Abe is sharing this location with the Badger State Chapter and the 401 Glider Infantry Regiment under a single command.

Although nothing is certain in this life - we got it!

There are some changes - we have now two locations and we may have more if we get more volunteers. 

We (LZ Lambeau Allies Committee) have had a number of requests from people that want to volunteer to support the LZ Lambeau initiative. Some of these volunteers have specified they want to work in beverage sales.

As of now - All Airborne is the only beverage sales in the parking lot!  

I have asked for a second location and got it.   As of 3/29 - If we get 6 more vet beer sales volunteers I will ask for the 3rd location.  The Levy plan now has for 4 beer sales location on the parking lot.

Our Locations will work Friday, Saturday and Sunday.  We need four (4) people to staff each location each day.  Workers do not need to be Veterans or even members of our Organization(s) 

Two (2) people for the Early Shift and two (2) people for the Late Shift.

One person on each shift will be the Shift Leader. 

Romlein will be responsible to Levy and Laney is the deputy.

Since I'm a Korean era - I will take the Saturday - Late -shift with my son Jeff.

Participation Registration:

In the section below you will see the people who have registered to participate. Once you have registered - go to the shift Schedule Document and enter your name on the shift you want to work in the Leader column for either Location 1 or Location 2.  The Assistant position will be filled with a volunteer.

Extras, Subs, and those that want to work -  can work short relief shifts in any location.

Please Note: I am filling the Friday Late shift with volunteers so we can go to dinner.

LZ Lambeau – All Wisconsin Airborne –...

LZL Beer Sales Registration List

To register - enter you information in the form below.   Pull down the shift and choose the one you want then enter your info.  If you want to be a shift relief or just stand by as  an extra - please also register. 

LZL Beer Sales Registration List

Now follow the link and choose your shift by entering you name on the schedule.

On the Shift Schedule document - be sure to click the edit this page (if you have permission)

 in the lower right corner of the page.

Remember to save and close the document and you will returned to this page.

Here is the link to the Shift Schedule Document

 Thanks - Romlein

James Romlein,
Feb 26, 2010, 6:16 PM
James Romlein,
Feb 26, 2010, 6:17 PM