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Ops Scratch Pad

This is a scratch pad that will be used to develop the next business meeting agenda items.
It is intended to collect the Membership's thoughts, opinions, and suggestions.
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Record Copies of our filing are found in the Chapter Operations Records section.  Please visit this section, view or download a document, click on the document while viewing it to see and enlargement.  Cool Stuff.

Noted during the completion of the Wisconsin Nonstock Corporation Annual Report DUE June 2010

1 We have no operations calendar where chapter operational requirements (like the Annual Report) are scheduled and posted.  Items like this can sneak up on us. 

To fix this issue a calendar and task list are underdevelopment - you can find the calendar under the home page shown as "Ops Calendar"

2 The requirements for a Wisconsin Nonstock Corporation (which the Old Abe Chapter is) include the requirement for a board of directors.  We presently don't have one.

To fix this issue I have drafted a Board of Directors to serve one term until the Jan 2011 meeting.  Members of the Board are: George Buleza, George Banda, William Hustad, Bill Kloss, and Phil Kallas.

Action Item for Jan Business Meeting - Board of Directors section in By Laws

3 Registered Agent.  It is my opinion that the registered agent should be the sitting President and that the Registered Address should also move with the registered agent. 

        Action Item for Jan Business Meeting - By Laws section on Registered Agent  and Registered Address.