May 21 - 23 LZ Lambeau

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 In May, 2010 - Vietnam War Veterans and their families are invited to a special Welcome Home celebration at Lambeau Field in Green Bay.  The big event will include several days of concerts, reunions, and exhibits including The Moving Wall.

As many of you know – Wisconsin is the home of Harley Davidson – I don’t know how many Vets own a Hog but we may find out in May.  When I joined the Allies Committee (a group of mostly Vets that are helping with the program development effort) last December, one of the opening highlights scheduled on Friday, May 21 was a motorcycle ride across the state to kick off LZ Lambeau Weekend and honor Wisconsin's men and women who served in Vietnam hosted by Rolling Thunder Inc.® Wisconsin Chapter 3. This ride, set to begin in La Crosse, Wisconsin at 6:30 am on Friday, May 21, will cross the state to Appleton, then on to Green Bay.

 Well – this single ride simple beginning has exploded – there are now multiple rides from different corners of the state. The police are expecting 20,000 motorcycles to converge on Lambeau Field on the morning of the 21st. One contingent will participate in the opening of the Moving Wall ceremony. 

Not to be outdone – there will be a display of fully restored and operating Vietnam vintage aircraft at Austin Straubel International Airport. Many of these war birds will be flying in and out and around.  This is not an Air Show – just a lot of air traffic.  Scuttlebutt has it that local Air National Guard is also planning several training missions where the access and egress corridors just happen to overfly the area.

There will be Shuttle Bus transportation running between Lambeau Field and the airport.  At Lambeau Field there will be a display of motor vehicle and other equipment set up in actual Vietnam Era Concept Displays.  Some of them will be live with actual vets living in them during the event.  People that have seen them say they can even smell the memories. 

As it stands now - The main event days at LZ Lambeau run from Friday 5/21/10 through Sunday 5/23/10 where activities will be held on the Lambeau grounds outside the bowl with a number of events in the Stadium Atrium.

One of my favorites will be the USO show on a stage in the parking lot.  I have been told that a certain read head with the initials AM will be there.  I wouldn’t be surprised if she rides in on a Harley!

Think of the parking lot as one big Tail Gate party on Steroids.

On Saturday, events will take place on the grounds, in the Stadium Atrium and the main event will be in the Stadium bowl.  This will be a real blow out - The Welcome Home Celebration inside the Lambeau Field, will include special speakers, music, and the main event, a premier screening of Wisconsin Vietnam War Stories clips on Tundravision. These clips are Wisconsin Vietnam War Stories that feature dozens of veterans from all regions of Wisconsin who reflect on their memories of the Vietnam War and their experiences during and after the war.

A new video has just been posted on the website, and I hope you take the time to go to the site and view it.  But what I am really hoping is that when you see it, you will send the link to all your friends and contacts, and encourage them to send it on as well. The video contains short clips from 3 of the 6 interviews that were recorded during the Allies meeting, and encourages vets to attend LZL, and says why. 

Levy Restaurants, who operates all the food and beverage facilities at LZ Lambeau Field, are graciously giving Wisconsin Veteran Organization the opportunity to raise money for their organization by working with them to provide food and beverage services during the event.  Bring lots of money.  Look for the All Wisconsin Airborne signs where the 101st Old Abe Chapter will be joined by the 82nd Badger State Chapter and the 401 Glider Infantry Regiment serving Beer.  Participation Details

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Dinner Plans

We are planning an All Wisconsin Airborne Bar-B-Que at  Mark Anderson's home just blocks away from our Motel.
If you are can make it  – follow the link for all the details and registration.  Dinner Registration 


With the publication of this article in the Screaming Eagle Magazine,  The Old Abe Chapter is releasing any vacancies that are remaining in our block of reserved rooms at the Best Western Midway Hotel.
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