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Search for S/Sgt Kiel of White Falls, WI

posted May 16, 2011, 6:45 AM by James Romlein

Perhaps you can help me regarding a WWII soldier that I believe may have been with the 101st airborne.

 I have an original document distributed on the eve of D-Day (June 1944) to the men of the troop transport and airborne assault forces. It is a speech written by General Eisenhower.

 My Dad was a navigator with the 438th TCG, 90th TCS based in Greenham Common (UK)

and I believe the paratroopers they dropped in France on D-Day were from the 101st.

There is a hand written note on the document that says "read by S/Sgt Kiel of White Falls, Wisc."   I am wondering if you have a records for a S/Sgt Keil who served in the 101st from Wisconsin?

I tried looking for a White Falls, WI and had no luck.  I did find a community called "White Hall" - so perhaps that was what was intended.

Thank you for any help with this matter.  I suppose there is a chance that S/SGT Kiel is still alive although he'd be in his late 80's.



Richard T. Walsh, Jr.

Middle Haddam, CT


I have responded to Richard - Please start a search for info on S/Sgt Kiel.   I will start with Mark Kiel that lives in Watertown and also the University of Wisconsin in White Water.

Richard Walsh can be reached at: